Westport Church, Kansas USA


Westport Presbyterian Church, Kansas USA

The Site

For the congregation of Westport Presbyterian Church, it was a devastating time when a fire destroyed their beloved church. However, an $11 million reconstruction project was commissioned to preserve the outer stone walls of the main building and sanctuary.

The Challenge

“There are challenges to building today that weren’t addressed in the early 20th century. We always use sustainable building practices because we are conscious of our impact on the environment in our city,” said Erik Heitman of BNIM, project architect.

The Solution

Modern amenities in the design include green roofs and multiple rain gardens, with the latter providing storm water runoff relief. Permeable paving has replaced concrete, allowing rainwater to be absorbed by the ground rather than sending it – and all the pollution it carries – into streets and storm drains. The permeable system allows rainwater to infiltrate directly into the sub-grade via the 10mm joints created by using SuDSFLOW spacers, allowing it to attenuate before release.


  • Allows for dual use of space (so no additional land take)
  • Helps to prevent movement over time
  • Specification no longer restricted to purpose made permeable pavers
  • Clean and controlled water discharge
  • Project Name: Westport Presbyterian Church, Kansas USA
  • Client: BNIM Architects
  • Contractor: A.L. Huber General Contractors and MSE Hardscapes LLC
  • Project Area: 2000 square feet
  • Products Used: 3″x18″ Hanover Pavers
  • Date: March 2016
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