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Paving Spacers for Permeable Paving

SuDS drainage system

What is SuDSFLOW?

SuDSFLOW spacers provide a precise method of installation to all flag paving giving consistent and accurate joint widths thereby allowing almost any modular paving to be used as permeable paving. When combined with a suitable sub-base any domestic or commercial pavement system can be installed to meet existing or currently proposed SuDS legislation.
Its function is to turn any standard modular paving units into a source-control water attenuation permeable pavement system via the total infiltration method.
With SuDSFLOW spacers, a far greater range of paving is made available to the Architect / Specifier than would usually be available via the limited scope of purpose made SuDS paving such as Marshalls Priora or Formpave Aquaflow. As Marshalls’ Aquada spacers are no longer available, SuDSFLOW make a great new alternative.

Structural Integrity Maintained

SuDSFLOW spacers are designed to be equal to or exceed the compressive strength of the nibs on conventional permeable block paving units.
Additionally SuDSFLOW spacers are normally able to be used close to buildings, as they allow dispersal of infiltration similar to natural vegetation. So the 5m guidance provided for by Buildings Regulations for soakaways (which provides for a single point discharge) need not apply.
Porous paving has now largely been superseded by the more durable permeable pavement and the use of SuDSFLOW spacers ensures the requirements for SuDS drainage systems can be fully complied with. In summary, SuDSFLOW provides a sustainable drainage system using ANY modular paving.

SuDS Spacers
recycled materials

Manufactured from 100% recycled materials

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SuDSFLOW is protected by GB Patent no.1104484.9