Podium Roof Garden, Liverpool


Podium Roof Garden, Liverpool

The Site

Liverpool University has undergone a £600m investment into new and refurbished buildings as part of the University’s commitment to development of their campus. The site is designed with energy efficiency and the environment in mind, as part of the University’s overall commitment to making the campus greener. There is even a roof garden designed by the students.

The Challenge

To create paved communal areas within the roof garden to meet the requirements of SUDs Legislation.

The Solution

A permeable paving system was installed using SuDSFLOW spacers. The spacers provide an exact 10mm joint width between paving flags thereby allowing most modular paving to be incorporated into a permeable paving system when combined with a suitable sub-base. This provides an ideal first stage source control that could easily be integrated into the overall SuDS strategy.


  • Modifies paving units to create a permeable system by opening the joints
  • Helps to prevent movement over time
  • Accepts rainwater permeation over the entire area of use
  • Flexible tailored solutions are easily enabled
  • Project Name: Podium Roof Garden, Liverpool
  • Client: Liverpool University
  • Contractor: Sky Gardens Ltd
  • Project Area: 1200m²
  • Products Used: Granite Topped Paving 150mm x 300mm
  • Date: July 2014
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