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Manchester Metropolitan University is creating a truly modern campus in the heart of Manchester. The development of the estate supports the University’s academic ambition, with a new state-of-the-art building for the Faculty of Science and Engineering, which will provide additional teaching, research and landscaped green spaces.

The Challenge

To create several paved communal areas in-line with the University’s Sustainable Road Map to 2030 and Leadership in Sustainability Strategies.

The Solution

A permeable paving system was installed using SuDSFLOW spacers. The spacers provided an exact 10mm joint width, which not only enhanced the aesthetics but also provided a source-controlled method of absorbing rainwater into the sub-base to prevent run-off into streets and drains.


  • Modifies standard paving units to create a permeable system by opening the joints
  • Controlled water discharge
  • Accepts rainwater permeation over the entire area of use
  • Allows free draining of surfaces

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  • Project Name: MMU Faculty of Science & Engineering
  • Client: Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Contractor: QED Construction Ltd
  • Project Area: 2300m²
  • Products Used: Kellen Paving Units 300mm x 100mm x 80mm
  • Date: January 2023
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SuDSFLOW is protected by GB Patent no. 2318453.4