Eltham Regeneration Project


Eltham Regeneration Project

The Site

Eltham is located to the south of the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Eltham has a long history and is known internationally for its historic palace, which is one of London and the UK’s most distinctive visitor attractions. The regeneration project offers an enhanced High Street with an improved public realm and streetscape as well as a revitalised shopping center with a range of high quality retailers. The vicinity of Eltham Palace will be promoted in order to encourage tourists visiting this site to also visit the town centre.

The Challenge

To create permeable paved areas that will absorb rainfall at the same rate as it would on unpaved ground, by infiltrating directly into a suitable sub-grade.

The Solution

By using SuDSFLOW spacers to create 10mm joints, this allowed not only accurate spacing but provided a joint width that could be filled with aggregate thereby allowing water to penetrate the paved area into the sub-base.


  • Turns any modular paving units into a permeable system by permanently opening the joints by 10mm
  • Helps to prevent movement over time
  • Specification no longer restricted to purpose made permeable pavers
  • Clean and controlled water discharge
  • Project Name: Eltham Regeneration Project
  • Client: East Architecture LandscapeUrban Design
  • Contractor: J.B. Riney & Co Ltd
  • Project Area: 970m²
  • Products Used: 200 x 100 x 100mm Granite Setts
  • Date: July 2006
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SuDSFLOW is protected by GB Patent no. 2318453.4